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    Welcome to Lucinda Brown Ceramic Art. 

       The gallery is now closed 

Clay Vistas

The formula for my one day workshops to be resumed soon.

Meanwhile the ones shown are for sale.

Villa on the hill £110 + p&p
Church on the hill £110 + p&p
The Viaduct £110 + p&p
The Viaduct 2 £110 + p&p



The last of the fragments collection which I have been making since 2004.

The moulds are destroyed making these last pieces highly collectable.

Single Fragment blue panel £175 + p&p
Fragment single blue £175 + p&p
Fragment single gold £175 +p&p
Fragment single Copper £175 +p&p

Garden Angels

Garden Angel SALE! 

what is on the wall are the very last as I have broken the moulds. Last chance to own a unique piece of ceramic art.

Garden Angel Baroque style £295 +p&p
Garden Angel 'Grapevine' £325 + p&p
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